Volunteer/Intern Guidelines

NUWODU’s Intern Winnie preparing an activity report.

National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda is an indigenous umbrella organisation of associations of women with disabilities in Uganda which was formed in 1999.

Vision: to have women and girls with disabilities live dignified lives.

Mission: to promote the advancement of women and girls with disabilities through advocacy for their effective participation in development.


Note that as a Volunteer/Intern he/she should take responsibility of being occupied with the activities whenever the Volunteer/Intern is in the organization.


  1. In order to qualify to become a Volunteer/Intern, a person is required to apply and be accepted by the Executive Secretary.


  1. The application should clearly indicate why a person would like to volunteer/carry out internship with NUWODU, the period she/he would like to spend here and this should be on a quarterly basis for volunteers and in line with field practice of universities and colleges for interns. The minimum period for volunteering in NUWODU is six months and the minimum period for internship is three months.


  1. After the expiry of the period applied for, a Volunteer/Intern is required to re apply if interested in which circumstances the reapplication may be considered or not.


  1. If the application is accepted, days for volunteer work/internship with NUWODU will be allocated to the successful applicant


  1. Note that the successful applicant must observe normal working hours according to NUWODU 8:30am- 5:30 pm


  1. Tasks/ Activities given should be finished with utmost responsibility. These tasks shall include among others but not limited to:
    1. Giving support in secretarial services such as photocopying, drafting reports and letters.
    2. Compiling reports of meetings/workshops where the Volunteer/Intern represents the organization.
    3. Supporting the person in charge of maintaining of cleanliness at the office.
    4. Mobilizing resources for the organization through developing of proposals.
    5. Carrying out any other tasks/assigned by the immediate supervisors or Executive Secretary which is within the limits of the volunteer/intern’s qualification/ability and related to the mission of the organization.


  1. Volunteers/Interns are not paid any allowance except transport refund when they are delegated to represent NUWODU in meetings/workshops or sent on public means to carry out official duty on behalf of the Organization.


  1. As a volunteer with NUWODU, you are not supposed to carry away any document without the consent of the management.


  1. Computers and other equipment’s of NUWODU should be used with permission from a senior staff.


  1. NUWODU is a Woman with Disabilities organization and therefore it respects all areas of Gender and promotes women with Disabilities empowerment. This should be reflected in the actions of volunteers/interns during their stay with NUWODU.


  1. At the end of the placement a written report on the progress of the internship/volunteer work should be produced.


  1. In case of any intentions to leave NUWODU. Prior notice should be given to the management so as to avail chance to other people.


  1. If a Volunteer/Intern is sent to represent NUWODU in any fore / meeting a report must be submitted.


  1. All Volunteers/Interns should dress decently while in office or in the field implementing organization work (No dressing in Mini clothing).


  1. Management will terminate the placement of a volunteer/intern upon failure to observe the above.

Please Note: These Terms and Conditions will be reviewed from time to time.

Application letters must be addressed to;

The Executive Secretary,

National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda

Plot 2015 Kisaasi-Kyanja Road

P.O. BOX: 24891 Kampala ,Uganda