National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda is performing under the following programs;

Gender and Women Empowerment: Gender mainstreaming and advocacy remains NUWODU‟s central approach, through which the organisation continues to advocate for the rights of Girls and Women with Disabilities and to further promote their livelihoods by building their leadership and entrepreneurship capacities, and in starting micro businesses.

Health: NUWODU promotes the right to inclusive healthcare for Girls and Women with Disabilities by state and non-state actors, thereby promoting quality health care for Girls and Women with Disabilities mainly focusing on the areas of Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS. This is mainly achieved through health education and advocacy, as well as sensitization programs and enhancement of access to quality medical services and rehabilitation for Girls and Women with Disabilities.

Education: NUWODU promotes the inclusion of Girls and Women with Disabilities in formal and non-formal education in order to enhance their access to employment and participation in civic and economic processes.

Research and Documentation: NUWODU plays a lead role in research, documentation and dissemination of information in the areas of gender and disability in Uganda, particularly focusing on Girls and Women with Disabilities issues. The acquired information is used to promote evidence-based advocacy, and influence policy development in relation to Girls and Women with Disabilities.

Organizational Development: NUWODU plans to strengthen its own institutional capacity, as well as that of its members to effectively fulfill its mission and objectives, and to enable its members to support girls and women with disabilities at the grassroots.