NUWODU plans to promote the inclusion of Girls and Women with Disabilities in formal and non-formal education in order to enhance their access to employment and participation in civic and economic processes.

Project Title: Improving Livelihoods For Young People With Disabilities

Project goal: To improve livelihoods for young people with disabilities, through vocational training

Project Objectives: 

  • Youth with disabilities receive training in vocational and business skills
  • Greater number of youth with disabilities accessing/ using financial service provision
  • Communities, families and the private sector have increased awareness of youth with disabilities as economic actors in their communities
  • Disabled People’s Organization’s capacity to engage with local and national government to promote skills and employment of youth with disabilities is strengthened

Project Title: Strengthening the institutional capacity of NUWODU and empowering grassroots Girls and Women with disabilities in Uganda

Project goal: Strengthen the institutional capacity of NUWODU and empower grassroots girls and women with disabilities in Uganda

Project Title: Increasing Access to Waged Employment for Persons with Disabilities in Kampala

Project goal: The project goal is to increase access to waged employment for skilled persons with disabilities in Kampala in a sustainable and holistic way

Project Objectives:

  • Build the capacities of organisations of persons with Disabilities in harnessing and mobilizing its employable membership for waged employment
  • Mentor and coach 100 employable candidates with disabilities
  • Create an effective online employment platform
  • Reduce stigma and negative stereotypes among 20 -30 employers and increase their awareness and knowledge about disability