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Background Of Nuwodu

National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU) is a women-led Disabled People’s Organization. It is legally registered in Uganda with the National NGO Board as a Non -Governmental Organization.

It was formed in 1999 by a group of women and youth with disabilities at a National conference held in Kampala Uganda as a result of violation of rights of women and girls with Disabilities, torture, barriers to social services, double discrimination, and lack of recognition by women’s Rights movement, Government and societal discrimination as a minority population in Uganda.

It is a membership organization and established as an umbrella organisation which brings all the categories of women and Girls with disabilities to have a stronger and unifying voice to advocate for their rights and equal opportunities, fight injustices and violence against Women and girls with Disabilities.


“A society where women and girls with disabilities live dignified lives”


“To promote the political, economic, social and cultural advancement of women and girls with disabilities through advocacy for their effective participation in development.”


  • To promote the participation and inclusion of Girls and Women with disabilities in the development process.
  • To promote and advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights for women and girls with disabilities.
  • To promote the inclusion of GWWDs in formal and informal education in order to enhance their access to employment and their participation in civic and economic processes.
  • To lead research, documentation and learning in the areas of gender and disability, focusing on women and Girls with Disabilities in Uganda.
  • To strengthen NUWODU’s institutional capacity, as well as that of its members to effectively fulfil its mission and objectives.