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Nothing for Us without Us

A girl with a disability holding a placard at the press conference

The inadequate reference to the needs and rights of Girls and Women with Disabilities in terms of social inclusion, employment, access to justice, health services among others in the legal instrument of power, supposed to accord them their rights compelled Girls and Women with Disabilities to storm their national headquarters in Kisaasi for an impromptu conference on the Persons with Disabilities Bill 2018.

Ms. Laura Kanushu from Legal Action for Persons with Disabilities expressing her views at the press conference.

The Women and Girls with Disabilities were of the view that the bill had not been written well since it was not in compliance with the International laws governing disability, the UNCRPD Article 6 which states that “States Parties recognize that women and girls with disabilities are subject to multiple discrimination, and in this regard shall take measures to ensure the full and equal enjoyment by them of all human rights and fundamental freedoms” and SDG 5 which calls for the protection of Girls and Women with Disabilities, nor contributing to a change for the better in the quality of their lives as Persons with Disabilities.

The various meetings between the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development where the Bill is domesticated and the representative organizations for Persons with Disabilities yielded the desired goal of amendment because the Bill is currently awaiting Presidential approval.

Women and Girls with Disabilities during the press conference.

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