Refugee Women With Disabilities Lead Promising Lives!

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Ruth is a Refugee woman with a physical disability living in urban Kampala. She came to NUWODU at the point in her life where death seemed a better option to suffering and with a disability. Under the training for sensitizing Refugee Persons with Disabilities on their rights; Ruth met fellow Refugee Women with Disabilities in worse states than her and the statements and encouragement made at the training changed her outlook on life. She thought twice about her situation, stopped consoling herself and regained her humanity through appreciation and started working hard at saving the little income she made.

Natalie is a refugee woman with a physical disability hailing from Rwanda. She appreciates the work NUWODU does to build the capacity of RWWDs and is very grateful for the advocacy towards the service providers. She says that after NUWODU’s interventions, service providers have changed their ways of dealing with Refugee Women with Disabilities and Persons with Disabilities in general. They now listen and attend to Refugee Persons with Disabilities as well. NUWODU should continue even when the advocacy for inclusion of Refugee Persons with Disabilities in development programs project ends. It should extend to the settlements because RPWDS have challenges.

Eugine is physically disabled. She fled from the war in Congo by coming to Uganda and has been staying in Kampala for two years now. She could afford neither rent nor food which she would beg for from neighbors until she participated in NUWODU held activities for the disability fraternity. Eugine went to Adjumani for the day of the Disabled in 2016 where she saved money from her subsistence and returned to start a small business of selling Bitenji. She started with UGX 260,000 and by May 2017, her business had grown to UGX 500,000. With considerable growth in business comes a change in lifestyle as Eugine can afford to pay her rent, buy food, dress her hair in any style and has even put on weight. She leads a promising life and thanks NUWODU for the work done towards the sensitization of Refugee Women with Disabilities.