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A deaf girl tethering the goat she received from the Government Program


Girls and Women with Disabilities are finally receiving their share of the national cake through inclusion in local Government Programs; benefits that were heretofore denied them.

In Lobule Sub-county; Women with Disabilities were seen picking bursaries of improved mangoes and cassava sticks. The Chief guest and District Officer announced that the sub-county had received UGX 2 million from the Special Grant to benefit the sub-county groups of Girls and Women with Disabilities as motivation towards their inclusion in other Local Government Livelihood programs.

Elsewhere in Midia sub-county, Koboko district, 3 Girls and Women with Disabilities collected two goats each from the District Discretionary Equalization Fund and were set for financial freedom. Inclusion in the Local Government Livelihood programs empowers them economically and helps reduce on the cases of Gender Based Violence against Girls and Women with Disabilities.