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                            A survivor of Gender Based Violence

Mawa Rashid took on the role of caretaker for his disabled sister Kawa (not real name) when their mother left them at a young age and father passed away. Leading a child headed home has not been easy for him. His sister Kawa, a girl with multiple disabilities was raped and the case would have gone unreported had he not attended the sensitization sessions on GBV cases and channels of redress for this situation.

The perpetrator was arrested for a period of six months which was unsatisfactory for Mawa, given that the Police never notified him about the court hearing so they could properly defend Kawa’s case.

His sister’s ordeal led him to share her story where he appealed to fellow men to stop sexual assault against Girls and Women with Disabilities. He encouraged community members to report such cases and called on society to take a stand and care for Girls and Women with Disabilities because of their vulnerability.