A Society where girls and Women with disabilities live dignified lives


Advancing Equality among Girls and Women with Disabilities

Expressions of interest by girls and women with disabilities in surrounding sub-counties, community participation and acceptance, as well as continuous advocacy from beneficiaries within communities are some of the success pointers National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda has achieved under the implementation of advancing the equality of girls and women with disabilities apprenticeship […]

The Rewards of Group Formation for Girls and Women with Disabilities

Zaida Chandiru, a physically disabled girl and Yangu Fatuma a woman with visual impairment have one thing in common – both belong to Sub-County Women…

Surrendering to Lead Others

Paralegals in Koboko and Pader have been actively engaged in tracking all forms of violence against females in their respective localities and identi-fied Rose Oyo (not real name), a mother with a disability suffering do-mestic abuse from her nephew…

Who We Are

National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU) is a women-led Disabled People’s Organization. It is legally registered in Uganda with the National NGO Board as a Non -Governmental Organization.

It was formed in 1999 by a group of women and youth with disabilities at a National conference held in Kampala Uganda as a result of violation of rights of women and girls with Disabilities, torture, barriers to social services, double discrimination, and lack of recognition by women’s Rights movement, Government and societal discrimination as a minority population in Uganda.

Our Strategic Objectives

To promote the participation and inclusion of Girls and Women with disabilities in the development process.

To promote and advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights for women and girls with disabilities.

To promote the inclusion of GWWDs in formal and informal education in order to enhance their access to…

To lead research, documentation and learning in the areas of gender and disability, focusing on women and…

To strengthen NUWODU’s institutional capacity, as well as that of its members to effectively fulfil its mission and…


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