A Society where Girls and Women with Disabilities live dignified lives


Our Bill! Our Rights!

The inadequate reference to the needs and rights of Girls and Women with Disabilities in terms of social inclusion, employment, access to justice, health services among others in the legal instrument of power, supposed to accord them their rights compelled Girls and Women with Disabilities to storm their national headquarters in Kisaasi for an impromptu […]

Refugee Women With Disabilities Lead Promising Lives!

  Ruth is a Refugee woman with a physical disability living in urban Kampala. She came to NUWODU at the point in her life where death seemed a better option to suffering and with a disability. Under the training for sensitizing Refugee Persons with Disabilities on their rights; Ruth met fellow Refugee Women with Disabilities […]

Inclusion In Livelihood Programs

    Girls and Women with Disabilities are finally receiving their share of the national cake through inclusion in local Government Programs; benefits that were heretofore denied them. In Lobule Sub-county; Women with Disabilities were seen picking bursaries of improved mangoes and cassava sticks. The Chief guest and District Officer announced that the sub-county had […]

Who We Are

National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda (NUWODU) is a women-led Disabled People’s Organization. It is legally registered in Uganda with the National NGO Board as a Non -Governmental Organization.

It was formed in 1999 by a group of women and youth with disabilities at a National conference held in Kampala Uganda as a result of violation of rights of women and girls with Disabilities, torture, barriers to social services, double discrimination, and lack of recognition by women’s Rights movement, Government and societal discrimination as a minority population in Uganda.

NUWODU's Core Values










NUWODU’S Strategic Objectives

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